Friday, June 26, 2009

Traditional Benchwork

So what is traditional benchwork? I guess by that term I mean things like Linn Wescott's "L-Girder" or the old open grid type benchwork. Maybe you can include just flat spaces made from plywood over some support. I used it all. I try not to play favorites. I even used some shelf brackets to support one of the staging yards and hopefully some day some levels above that.

To begin with I needed to transfer my plan to the garage. I had an idea to put tape down on the epoxy floor and then build the benchwork above that so that we could judge where things would go. I purchased some wide colored duct tape and cut the whole roll on the table saw to make narrower rolls. Then I invited my local model railroad club over for a work night. If you do this make sure you have a list of tasks to keep everyone busy. Make them easy tasks so that you do not have to re-explain the job numerous times. Make sure you have some good eats for the crew. It helps to encourage them to come back for later work days.

What I did was have them come over and make "L-girders", lay tape, and put up a few thin wall stiffeners. Here are some photos of the May 29, 2007 work session.

A few days later Gary Siegel came over and we [Gary made the decisions based on the tape on the floor and I assisted. After all he has already built a beautiful layout and has the experience.] assembled the benchwork. It took a couple of days but from there it was easy to lay in the yards and the roadbed. Here are some photos of the finished benchwork.

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