Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions and Goals 2013

It is New Years Day 2013.  We have survived the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar.  So how about if we look ahead. 

Have you ever noticed how fast resolutions made on New Years Day are broken?  I still will make a few here and try to keep them this year. 

I resolve to lose some weight.
I resolve to exercise more.
I resolve to get more organized.

Beyond the resolutions I would like to set a few goals for the Southern Pacific Santa Barbara Subdivision this year.


Work out all the problems with the tracks in all areas of the layout.

Have a simple operation session.

Prepare paperwork - car cards/waybills, train briefs, rules, timetable, other operator instructions and aids - for a more complex session.

Build signature structures for the layout including:

   Lompoc Depot
   Bekins building
   The Spot (hamburger stand)
   Carpinteria Depot
   Santa Barbara Depot
   Johnston Fruit Company
   Union Oil
   Standard Oil
   Carpinteria Mutual Lemon
   Henry Fish Bean Company
   Santa Claus Lane
   Carpinteria Lemon Association

Create scenery along the right of way including:
   Carpinteria Creek
   Lompoc flower fields
   Streets in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara and Lompoc
   Carpinteria salt marsh
   Oil fields near Devon
Add track, depot, and industry in the Goleta area

This is an intimidating list, so I can't sit back and procrastinate this year.  I will also not send most of my blog posts during the last week of the year.  I will try to continually update the blog with progress on all these goals.  Here is to a productive and satisfying New Year, 2013 here we go.

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