Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Little More Light

After my last post here with the video of the test run, I received a comment from a friend in Louisiana suggesting I provide a bit more light for the layout. 
First some excuses...
The current lighting is simply two-tube shop lights to give some light to the room while I work on the layout.  It will continue to provide general lighting.  The comment made me think about some solutions.  Because this is a multi-level layout, there is space under the second level to place lighting for the first level.  There are also places over the second level where I could place lighting.  Because none of this space is extensive, I have been looking at using strings of LED lights.  I recently saw some work on another blog regarding the use of different colors or temperatures of the LED's.  Here is the link
But the LED project is down the road a ways, so...
I recently posted some photos of the final run of the Atlantic Inland Railway
The next day Paul started taking down the layout.  In the process he has been selling off parts and pieces and I purchased 5 additional shop lights for use in the layout room.   
I added two lights over the garage door in that section that was extremely dark in the video.  I added another over the aisle between the Santa Barbara yard and Carpinteria.  To make room for it I moved the light that was there so that the space between the lights in this area is now 35" or less. The last light I put over the east end of the White Hills Branch which is over the east end of east staging.  I will not be using the fifth shop light so will be passing it on to another model railroad in the near future.
Here are some photos of the new lights.
Lights over the garage door.
This is a daylight photo but the lights make this area brighter even after the sun goes down.
The near light has been added giving additional light to the mine at White Hills (top left) and the east staging yard (bottom left) as well as the main line and siding at Goleta (bottom right) and Devon (top right)
The top light was added after moving the other light the other direction providing more light
for Surf, Carpinteira, and Santa Barbara

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