Thursday, August 3, 2017

Goleta, Pt 1

Between Santa Barbara and La Patera is Goleta.  Southern Pacific located a Train Order office at the Combination 22 depot built in 1901.  The depot served the people of the Goleta community until 1973 when the agency was closed.  The building was saved and relocated to Los Carneros Park where is serves as the centerpiece of the South Coast Railroad Museum

While the depot was moved in 1981 and many of the industries once located near the Goleta have been out of business since the 1960's, I really like way freight switching and want to run a local to Goleta.

When I first put tracks down I included the Goleta siding, which was on the opposite side of the main from the depot, but did not include the house track or any of the industries.  Over the years there were the following businesses which received rail service:

1901 Depot – Kellogg and Depot Rd

Santa Barbara County Walnut Growers

Goleta Lima Bean Growers Association

Southern Pacific Milling – Hansen [concrete batch plant]

Deardorf Jackson Produce [tomatoes]

Southern Pacific Railroad Nursery [plants for landscaping Coast Line SP Depots]

I will probably only model the produce, concrete batch plant and the Depot lcl freight.
The produce was packed in a structure added to the east end of the depot.

 The batch plant was also on the east end but across Depot Road

         Here is a picture of the area with the main and siding only before the roadbed replacement.  I have drawn in the proposed location of the depot and the house track.  The concrete batch    plant will be down the spur beyond the depot.

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