Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Work Session

Every once in a while, well actually quite often, I need a kick in the pants to keep working on the layout. So I invite the local club over for a work session. We had another one on February 24, 2010. I had a long list of tasks I wanted to get done. I also wanted to be a little further along than I was when they came over. Even though we did not get through the task list [which seems to mysteriously grow as we progress!] we did get a few things accomplished.

One of the younger members, Michael Lopes, brought two of his locomotives over thinking I had gotten a lot further since he helped me around New Years. Michael is so optimistic. Instead I handed him the camera while I tried to supervise and work on the helix. [I will cover part 2 and 3 of the helix construction in the next two or three posts.]

Some of the crew worked on putting up some shelf brackets at the end of the penninsula which will hold the big turnback loop of the second level. I had originally hoped to put 5 brackets up so the span would not be so great but putting 5 standards on three sides of a 2X4 appeared to difficult so they monted 3 standards instead.

Then they joined the other group who was measuring, cutting and installing roadbed supports. These supports are attached to the stiffeners on the thin walls.

John Ryan measuring and marking roadbed supports.

Art Sylvester, Joe Heumphreus and Art Bosse planning their work.

Art Sylvester working on his drilling technique.

Art Aldritt showing his happy sawing technique.

Jim Felland getting ready to saw.

Completed and installed roadbed supports.

That is all for now. Come back for the next installments of the helix adventure.

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