Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Carpinteria Creek Bridge, Part 1

One of the signature features, for me anyway, in Carpinteria is the 100 foot deck girder bridge across Carpinteria Creek.  It is actually two 50 foot spans with a pier in the middle.  The creek is just east of town and is easily visible from Carpinteria State Beach Park.  Here is a photo of the bridge.

When I first put roadbed on my layout, I knew I wanted the bridge to be the first structure as you approach Carpinteria from the east staging.  I had put a section of laminated roadbed in the place where the bridge was to go.  Now it was time to put the bridge in. 

The bridge is pretty standard, so the MicroEngineering 50 foot deck girder kit was perfect. 

I made two of them to span the creek.  I debated a lot about what to do for the pier.  None of the commercially available piers that I looked at were quite right so I made one out of wood, painted it to look like concrete and put it in place.  I will weather it later. 

The track curves just a little as it comes into town on the layout so I have a slight curve on the bridge spans. 

I have done some initial preparation for the creek and will add water and foliage soon. 

Check back for part 2, hopefully within a couple months.

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