Friday, December 28, 2012

FRA Track Inspection

In the real world, at least in the United States, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) conducts periodic track inspections.  Standards are set in the Code of Federal Regulations.  Track is not my strong suite so I asked Gary Siegel to come over and do an inspection.  Armed with an NMRA gauge, some other tools and a roll of red tape, Gary made his way around the first level.  What he left me with was a sea of red tape which I have slowly been working through and making corrections.  Some of the problems involve the rail connection to the ties coming loose and the rails being out of gauge.  Most of the problems are in the turnouts.  Here are a few photos of the red tape around the layout.

Red Tape at West Carpinteria

Red tape at Summerland

Red tape at east Santa Barabara

Red tape at west Santa Barabara

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